About Us: Meet The Owners

Owners, Clough & Kay Shelton

Clough and Kay Shelton currently live in Salt Lake City. They were introduced to Walla Walla when their son, Bill, entered the freshman class at Whitman College. They quickly became enamored with the community and surrounding area. Kay and Clough lived in the San Francisco Bay area in the early 80's, and Walla Walla reminds them of St. Helena, California circa 1982.

Bill, on the other hand, took a leave of absence from Whitman after completing his freshman year and transferred to the University of Utah. Daughter Jordan also lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Kelley.

Kay and Clough will eventually retire to Walla Walla and build a home on the ridgeline at the vineyard. Until then, they plan to visit Walla Walla as often as possible, to participate in the farming and to enjoy Walla Walla.

Vineyard Planting Photos
The vineyard was planted in April 2009. It is amazing how straight the rows are. Ken Hart and his crew did a great job.
Photo Gallery
Get to know us! Connect and get inside the happenings here at Los Oídos Vineyards by browsing our gallery of photos.
Sustainable Farming
At Los Oidos, our goal is to re-establish the natural microbiology of the soil.